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sometimes I forget gay marriage is illegal because, like, wow that’s so fucking dumb 


i would describe my art style as post-kindergarten scribblecore


that girl u just called fat? that’s a plant. u need glasses

chloe-spend-love: Your such a sassy soul sister most adorable GURL to enter my life and you the beans to my nachos 😘 Ps your funky

Lova you <3

Anonymous: I know this is gay but who are the best guys you know? Need more mates haha

i’m not sure lovely
I know that there’s a lot of really cool skaters that are so under rated in the loven and frienden department in the wollongong area. Depends what kind of people you’re in!


ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ hello i am a bear do not say bad things please

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ my bear ears are very sensitive to mean words

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ be kind

Anonymous: What do you think of zach english?

I love Zachary! He’s one of the funnest people to be around. Don’t know how much it would be worth attending school without him. He’s really lovely too. Like this morning, I was walking to school alone and he was being driven but he asked his mum to stop the car and get out so he could walk with me even though it was only a few hundred metres away. Even when I was in India, he’d ask every day how it was and if I was having fun. He’s really talented and has an awesome sense of humour. He spends time listening and asking others question because he’s genially interested in other people. 

chloe-spend-love: Will you be my sunbear pal


Anonymous: Hey amber! How are you and marlon going? And you too,of course. Also, what is Marlon doing now that he finished school last year? Xoxo tumblr goat

Hello lovely, I haven’t received a message in so long :-) This is so nice. Marlon and I are going so well. It’s our two year anniversary tomorrow so that’s rather exciting. I think if anything it’s more exciting for me being a representation of 2 pure years of happiness! Wasn’t having the best of times before marlon came along. I’d love to just marry him. I just couldn’t see myself doing or being with anyone else. 

I’m doing well, slightly stressed from the hsc but that’s normal of course. I have this urge to film a bunch of videos but I simply don’t have time with work, tafe and school. I’m turning 18 next month which is also exciting. I just love living. I love life so so much!

Marlon did finish and he ended up doing really well in art. His body of work is being shown in art express as well as being shown locally and in a university within Sydney ( I think ). He then applied for The National Art School to receive his bachelor in fine art and was accepted due to his enthusiasm towards learning. He lives in sydney for 3 days a week so that’s been kind of hard on me since we spend every day together but it also gives me time to be myself a little more.

How are you doing Tumblr Goat? <3! 

Anonymous: if you haven't heard of unknown mortal orchestra check them out! from the sun is a good song of theirs. from ollie :)

Thanksssss man, I shall first thing tomorrow

r-em-i: You're music taste is so beautiful Amber !

I suppose then my music taste and your face have something in common. :-)))