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Anonymous: It's sin, it's gross because it's wrong and people shouldn't be with the same sex. Lesbians are gross because they like want to dress like boys and it's just ew. Yeah I get hit on my gay girls and it's just yuck. I don't like them.

You’re going to hell anyway.

Anonymous: It's because gay people are fucking gross that's why people hate them you wouldn't understand, you probably don't even know anyone who is gay it's lik super awkward to be around them, because what if they start hitting on you it's like we no go away especially lesbians man they repulse me

How are they gross? Like what exactly is gross, you never really explained that. That’s the thing with you homophobes, you just state personal perspectives but you never have evidence towards it. What’s the difference between somebody who is straight and somebody who is gay? Because all I can really think of is who they love… so how is ‘love’ (which isn’t a physical element), gross? Like are you stupid?
Obviously I wouldn’t understand because I’m an open minded human, not that you even have to be open minded to accept another human. I have a heart, I suppose that’s what differences us. I actually do know people who are gay and I’ve spoken to a lot of girls and boys are afraid of coming out due to people like you.

What if someone categorised you as gross simply for having arms. Sounds ridiculous right? You can’t help but have arms, everyone has arms? Well, that’s what it sounds like when you try to state your opinion on other humans and everyone is entitled to love. 
Also, you feeling ‘super awkward’ around someone else doesn’t say anything about that person. It says that you have some self insecurities and you really shouldn’t take that out on other people, it’s gross. ( See how I used the word gross in proper context ).
I think you’re flattering yourself, why would anybody want to hit on you? i bet it’s happened in the past hasn’t it? You’ve been hit on by someone of the same sex and you were too immature and insecure about other people’s perception that you lashed back to defend your image. Logical right? How could others accuse you of being homosexual if you’re against it. Also, you also never stated the difference between lesbian and gay? Like what makes one worse than the other? You don’t even make sense.
Why should others change who they love because you’re repulsed?
I think you’re an ugly human being who has a lot of insecurities and un-dealt problems, along side the fact that you’re clearly not intellectual but shallow minded, heartless and annoying. But I doubt you’re going to change your personality for me right? Yeah well it’s the same thing.
I’m sorry you’re insecure and I’m sorry for whatever situations in the past that have warped your mind but love, you have to let go because you’re wasting energy. Why spend time with hatred and anger towards people who don’t even influence you. If you honestly feel awkward and repulsed then why don’t you remove yourself from the situation and keep your thoughts to yourself.
People like you worry me.
It’s like, why focus so much on somebody else’s love when you have really bad personality traits that forms a huge barrier for other people to like you… let alone love. The only type of person you’ll find is somebody as shallow minded and full of hatred as you and good luck trying to tell me that you have a genuinely good relationship in five years time.
It’s 2014 dude, it’s time to let go.


I think there’s a huge difference between ‘feminism’ and girls who think they’re superior to the world and use feminsim as an excuse for ‘yolo’ behaviour

The anger behind homophobia…

Why do people get so infuriate and irate about somebody else being gay. Like where is this exasperation emanating from, because I’m sure as hell you wouldn’t get so upset about someone else deciding to buy a different flavour of ice-cream to you.
They respond with such hatred, as if this persons sexuality cull interferes with their life. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t. So what does that tell you about homophobes? That they’re genuinely angry people, irate towards something, conspicuously. How could you not miss the spite when they refer an innocent human as somebody worthy of death. No human naturally wishes such violent things, especially over something so petty as cull of love.
It can only make me conclude that this exasperation forms from themselves, from an area of insecurity and the instant need to defend afore any problem as arisen. They’re dismayed , whether that being that they’re insecure about their own sexuality or that these human beings who transpire to have a different sexuality to straight are confident, that perhaps they’re endeavoring to forfend their sexuality since others have always doubted theirs.
Whatever the case may be, it’s all composed from a pit of fire within their own soul and I cerebrate that’s something we require to remember.


… and I discovered my love for you when you first formed a smile upon my dreary face throughout the mids of storms and cloudy nights.